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Lock Nuts – KARAT X FBS Collabo


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Time to release our first FBS Collabo product!
The KARAT X FBS Lock Nuts are made in Taiwan and used by Fingerboarders since 2014.
Together with Clark from Karat Fingerboarding we organized the Taipei event of the FBS DIY South East Asia Tour in 2015. With a lot of passion he’s pushing the fingerboard scene in Taiwan by organizing events and meet ups on a regular basis.
The FBS collabo products are created to support those people in the fingerboard scene that make high-quality products and do their best to support their local scene. With the FBS Collabo products you support fingerboarding around the world and help to spread our passion.

This set contains 6 lock nuts with improved, extra strong nylon rings just like your skateboard lock nuts.

The KARAT X FBS Lock Nuts can be used on all trucks. To mount them you just need a standard sized tool from companies like Tech Deck, Bollie or Blackriver. A Ykey is to small but with a different tool these lock nuts can be used on Ytrucks as well.
Lock nuts have an inserted locking ring which helps to keep them in place. This way your trucks and wheels can be tuned precisely without the need of glue.

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