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Winkler Wheels “H2T2” red


The first professional fingerboard wheels were made by Martin Winkler himself. Winkler Wheels were the first turned wheels, the first wheels with a metal core for a smoother ride and they were his first fingerboardwheels with integrated bearing system.

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“Out now! The brand new WINKLER WHEELS signature edition is available online from now. Apart from different colors and an individual high-quality print those wheels have an improved shape and high-end precision bearings. The new Winkler Wheels series will pimp your fingerboard setup to the max. No matter whether you ride them on concrete, wood, transition or street – an excellent riding experience is guaranteed.

Please note: We recommend to use Winkler Wheels in combination with Blackriver Trucks since these two products were made to fit each other perfectly!

The Signatures Edition incl. the following Wheels:

H2T2 (Thomas Hansen) red”

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